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Signs You Need an Auto Repair Service

When it comes to driving a vehicle, most individuals are so used to them simply working that it may be difficult to know when an auto repair service is needed. Cars have a vast amount of parts that all must function as a unit for them to work correctly. Many things can go wrong within their systems that cause issues that require repair, but some problems are more noticeable than others. Not to mention, most vehicles will still be able to run when specific problems are occurring, but this can be dangerous. You do not want to end up stranded on the side of the road or, even worse, losing control while driving.

We at Denver’s Quality Automotive in Denver, Colorado, would love to share a few signs to look out for when potentially needing auto repair services. These are all broad signs since most issues come down to minute parts, but if any of these occur, it may be a good idea to have your car looked at. If you do end up requiring to service your vehicle, make sure to work with us as our mechanics have the experience and professionalism to get your car back to its full potential! Contact us online today or visit us to get started.

Leaking Fluids

One visible indication that your vehicle may require some mechanical assistance is leaking fluids. You will likely notice any leaks after moving your car from its parked location, and the fluids will often be dark in color and may have a distinct smell. This could either be oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or any other substance required for your car to work well. One thing is for certain, any leak should be addressed as soon as possible to reduce the risk of anything worse from occurring. If your vehicle lacks any of these fluids, its engine can be forced to work harder, making it more likely to die. These fluids also help to lubricate other parts within the engine, which can easily break if left too dry.

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Loud or Random Noises

If you have driven your car for a significant period of time, then you likely know how it sounds when running correctly. If the engine suddenly begins to run much louder than usual, this can indicate that certain parts are malfunctioning. These issues are difficult to narrow down since the noise can occur from anywhere inside the hood, so it would be best to contact us to take a look!

A louder engine can indicate something as simple as an oil change, or it could mean that something far more severe is occurring to your vehicle. Any moving part may have become loose or dislocated within the system, which can easily worsen quickly. Don’t run the risk of having your engine break down on you in the middle of the road. Rather be safe than sorry and have a professional diagnose your issue!

Weird Smells

If you are driving down the road with your heating or air conditioning blasting and suddenly smell something funky, something may be wrong with your systems. First off, your heating and cooling system should not give out any scent, so anything but a neutral smell is already alarming.

  • A musty smell may indicate that mold or mildew has formed within the depths of your air conditioner, which is not something you want to be breathing in.
  • A rotten egg smell likely means that you are smelling sulfur. This usually indicates potential issues with your catalytic converter, a hot engine, or a broken fuel pressure regulator.
  • A sweet or maple syrup-like smell may indicate that coolant is leaking from the radiator, cylinder head, or a failed intake manifold gasket.
  • A burnt smell, especially when changing gears, can indicate that your clutch facing is burning off as the clutch slips.
  • Smelling exhaust inside your vehicle is the most alarming out of all smells because carbon monoxide is very toxic to humans. This issue can stem from a possible hole in your vehicle's muffler, tailpipe, or another part. This situation is extremely dangerous, so it is best to have your car looked at as soon as possible.

No matter what the smell may be, if you smell something funky, it is more than likely that your vehicle requires service!

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Flashing Check Engine or Other Lights

One thing that can clearly let you know that something is wrong with your vehicle is the lights found on its dashboard. The most important one to keep in mind is your “check engine light” because it indicates just that, to have your engine checked! That said, this line can turn on due to a variety of issues, big or small, so having us take a look is your best bet! We will be able to run a diagnostic test that will give us a more narrowed-down perspective on what can be occurring, and from there, we can help repair the issue!

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