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Is it Safe to Drive with the Gas Light On? FACT or MYTH?

The claim that driving with a quarter or less fuel in your car is a myth. While this might have been true in the past, it’s debatable if these claims hold up in modern times. As technology advances and improves, so too does the quality of vehicles and their components. Modern fuel pumps are more resistant to corrosion, and the fuel they transfer keeps them cooled and lubricated. So long as there’s fuel in the tank, even if it is less than a quarter of the way filled, your fuel pumps will function properly. While driving with low fuel reserves isn’t going to damage your car, driving with an empty or near-empty tank will. Being low on fuel is not a problem you want to have, especially since it comes with a lot of risks. Driving with an empty gas tank can damage various parts, namely the fuel filters, the fuel pump, and the engine.

Faulty Fuel Filters

If your fuel filter is damaged, your gas tank is more likely to collect dirt over time. The debris usually settles into the bottom of your fuel tank. If your tank ever dries out, the fuel pump can draw this debris, which is bad for your fuel filters because dirt accumulates. All the debris and dirt will eventually compound into gunk and clog your filters.

Fuel Pump Malfunctions

Gas lubricates and cools the fuel pump during transfer, which helps keep the pump in good condition. If there isn’t enough fuel, the pump can overheat and get damaged. The fuel pump is difficult to replace. The gas tank must be drained to access the fuel pump, and this means the job can cost up to $1000 to repair.

Misfiring Engine

If you don’t have enough fuel, your engine will take in more air while you drive. This disrupts the air-to-fuel ratio, causing your engine to run lean. As a result, your engine might have more difficulty accelerating and will misfire more frequently. Your engine could sustain permanent damage if you don’t address this problem immediately. #Drivewithlowgas, #safetodrivewithgaslighton, #doyouhavetokeepyourgastankabovehalffilled, #smarttipsongasoline, howmanymilesdoIhaveleftwhenthegaslightcomeson, #badfuelfilter


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