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Beat The Heat This Summer!



Summer is upon us and it will soon be hotter. To help your AC system have the longest possible life, follow these maintenance tips.


1. Change the air filter.

A clean air filter can improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and reduces the strain on your AC..


2. Park your car in the shade.

Leaving your car in the heat of the sun makes your AC work harder and longer to bring your car down to a reasonable temperature.


3. Recirculate cabin air rather than cooling fresh air.

Bringing in air from outside is the best option during the first few minutes but by circulating the cool cabin air, your AC won’t have to work as hard..


4. Check your refrigerant.

If the fan is working but your car isn't getting cooler, your vehicle may be low on refrigerant which could mean there’s a leak in your system.


5. Listen for squealing or grinding when you turn your AC on.

If the sound goes away when you turn the AC off, it may be your AC compressor. Bring your vehicle in for a check-up if you notice your AC isn’t cooling your car.


Your AC is one of the most important aspects in keeping you comfortable. Don’t hesitate to bring it in to get repaired, especially if you have a long road trip up ahead.

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