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Denver’s Quality Automotive & Tire Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, wants to ensure that you are safe as you drive around the neighborhood and on our busy highways. The last thing you want to experience is hydroplaning on a rainy day due to bare tires. Older tires can also have dry rot, causing dangerous belt separation while you’re driving at high speeds. With many tire issues being possible, it is important to have them regularly inspected and serviced.

At Denver’s Quality Automotive, we check your tires every time you bring your car in for a service. At the same time, we try to protect your budget and provide you with the best value we can on tires for your car should you need them. We will also align your wheels to ensure that your tires last longer and your car drives more efficiently. At Denver’s Quality Automotive, we’ll keep you rolling safely and affordably! It is our goal to increase the lifetime of your current tires while providing you with new tires when it comes time for replacement. Come in for a cup of coffee while we take care of your car’s tire and alignment needs.

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While it might seem like you can simply “kick the tires” every so often to make sure they are functioning, it is important to have them serviced and inspected by a certified professional from time to time. At Denver’s Quality Automotive, it is our goal to provide you with tire care services and inspections that ensure that your and your family are safe on our hectic Colorado roads. Contact us today to schedule your car to be serviced or to ask our experienced tire technicians questions about your current set of tires.