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At Denver’s Quality Automotive & Tire Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, we want to help you maximize your tire wear and save on expenses. Worn out struts and shocks cause your car tires to wear more quickly, which will cost you a lot more than just servicing your suspension components — not to mention that it can make your vehicle more vulnerable to other mechanical; failures.

Every time you bring your car in for a suspension service at our Wheat Ridge garage, we’ll inspect your shocks and struts, as well as your other other suspension components, as part of our routine service inspection. Be sure to let us know if you’re noticing any symptoms of suspension wear as well.

Come in for a cup of coffee while we take care of your car’s suspension needs. Or, if you prefer, we can drive you back home or to work with our complimentary shuttle service.

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The correct time to fix your suspension is right now! Waiting any longer than you have to will increase the wear on your tires and stress other components of your vehicle that have to carry the extra load. As a Denver auto shop, we are proud to offer premier suspension servicing to the people of Wheat Ridge and its surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your suspension service needs or to schedule an appointment.